Business runs with your ideas.

I want to leave it to you, the job from the launch of our new product project through running a wide range of deployment.

Work is full of challenge and creativity in a large scale just like establishing a company - thinking of how we can work together to bring out our best to promote… from marketing point of view, the launch of projects and strategies, more and more.

The president is the one to execute your ideas and projects, so please feel free to let your ideas flow with confidence.
We expect the possibility of the unknown, so we welcome you even not having an experience in this field.  All you need is a high willingness and enthusiasm!!
There is also a business trip because it is the entire national stage.
You can truly commit here that you have never felt before, so meet the potential in yourself to win together with us.

If business is in orbit, there is also a business trip to an international exhibition in foreign countries annually in order to seek better products related to the business.